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  1. Best mathematical equations for life (viewed 6409 times)
  2. Monkey in Plane - Joke (viewed 5219 times)
  3. Four Different thoughts of Men for Women (viewed 5001 times)
  4. Mild Mannered Man (viewed 4052 times)
  5. Software engineer and his wife - Joke logged In (viewed 3513 times)
  6. Wrong E-mail Address - Too Good (viewed 3280 times)
  7. Recommendation Letter - Funny But Interesting (viewed 3187 times)
  8. A Very Cute Story (viewed 3093 times)
  9. Modern Panchtantra Story [ IT HUMOR ] (viewed 3073 times)
  10. Letter of recommendation- Brilliant!!! (viewed 2997 times)
  11. Important Laws Which Newton Forgot to State (viewed 2938 times)
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Category - Kids Jokes Kids Jokes (3)
some jokes related to kids, cute kids humor

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